5 Steps to Finding Your Next Home

Posted on November 08, 2019

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, shopping for a new home can feel daunting. In fact, 56% of buyers said that “finding the ri
Everything You Need to Know About iBuyers and the “Instant Cash Offer”

Posted on October 03, 2019

Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and real estate transactions are no exception. In fact, a new crop of tech companies wants to
National Snapshot: How’s the Real Estate Market?

Posted on September 04, 2019

The U.S. unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, and consumer confidence remains high. In fact, the University of Michigan’s latest Surveys of Consumer
5 Step Strategy for Downsizing Your Home

Posted on August 07, 2019

In our “bigger is better” culture, there’s an expectation that each home should be larger and grander than the last. But life changes like divorce, ki
Serious About Selling? 5 Steps to Make Your Home the Best on the Block

Posted on June 20, 2019

We all want to be good neighbors. But when it comes to selling your home, it’s not just about “keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s about outshining the
‘Tis the Season: 5 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home

Posted on November 30, 2018

It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t try to buy or sell a home during the fall and winter months. This is generally considered the “offseaso
Are You Covered? A Homeowner’s Insurance Guide

Posted on September 10, 2018

  No one likes to think about disasters. Severe weather, fire, theft—or even a seemingly small issue like a broken pipe—can wreak havoc on your h
Renters for a Weekend or a While: What’s the Best Use of Your Investment Property?

Posted on August 13, 2018

The residential rental market is now the fastest-growing segment of the housing market. In the United States, the demand for single-family rentals, de
How to Avoid the Top 8 Home Inspection Mistakes

Posted on July 30, 2018

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a home. Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your dream house, you’ll probably be anxious to mov
Real Estate Relocation Guide: 7 Steps to a Seamless Move

Posted on June 14, 2018

Whatever your reasons are for relocating to a new area, the process can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re moving across across town or across the coun
10 Staging Secrets From the Pros for a Quick Home Sale at Top Dollar

Posted on May 15, 2018

According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a home prior to listing it can result in a faster and more profitable sale.1 In fact, the R
HOUSE CARE CALENDAR: A Seasonal Guide to Maintaining Your Home

Posted on April 13, 2018

From summer vacations to winter holidays, it seems each season offers the perfect excuse to put off our to-do list. But be careful, homeowners: neglec
The Home Buyer's Guide to Getting Mortgage Ready

Posted on March 13, 2018

Don’t wait until you’re ready to move to start preparing financially to buy a home. If you’re like the vast majority of home buyers, you will choose t
Home Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted on February 28, 2018

We frequently get questions from clients who are taking on decorating and remodeling projects and want to ensure their dollars are invested wisely.  W
Real Estate 2018: What to Expect

Posted on January 31, 2018

Real Estate 2018: What to Expect As we head into a new year, the most common question we receive is, “What’s the outlook for real estate in 2018?” It’
20 Home Gadget Gift Ideas to Fit Any Budget

Posted on December 15, 2017

Looking for the perfect present for a loved one this holiday season? We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite gift ideas. And since we work in real estate,
10 Tips to Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Hometown Haven

Posted on November 13, 2017

“Communities work better (students perform better, crime rates are lower, kids are safer, people live longer) when neighbors know one another be
Why Real Estate Investing Makes . (Dollars and) Sense

Posted on October 11, 2017

Turn on the television or scroll through Facebook, and chances are you’ll see at least one advertisement for a group or “guru” who promises to teach y
The Latest Real Estate News!

Posted on September 12, 2017

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